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The acceptance letters are pouring in for many students however the financial aid packages are a bit slower. My concern is that many letters from colleges and universities are using a technique that encourages students to accept immediately as if there is a great urgency. I quote, “Please confirm your plans to enroll by logging into ……… using your Network ID and accepting your offer of admissions and paying your non-refundable $200 advance tuition deposit. In order to guarantee that space is available to you your deposit must be paid.”

Shame on admissions….. We want students to be educated and make sound decisions however many institutions create a false sense of panic with the goal of getting that non-refundable deposit.

STOP… you do not need to accept until May 1st. My student who received the letter and I called this college and found out that they are not giving out their financial aid packages until the 3rd week in April. In other words this college and many others are asking parents and students to make a decision without all the information.

Don’t buy into this method of decision making… Wait and see what the official award package is and SUBTRACT the parent plus loan from it. Use the net price calculator for each school and make sure you understand what the school will do if you are awarded outside scholarships. They may take away the money they awarded you.

This is a big decision and you want to make the right one.

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