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Eric Hoover from The Chronicle of Higher Education writes about the new online counseling/advising that Unigo has developed. This is a highly controversial subject because many school counselors fear being replaced however, I believe that the more tools we provide for students the better. One of the dilemmas that I faced working for a Public School as a school counselor was the time constraints and the sheer numbers of students I served. Many students and parents did not have the time to meet during the day and they missed out on deadlines etc. I think there is plenty of room for more creative ways including online services for college advising. The only concern I have would be the quality control. My preference is that only credentialed school counselors are advising because Admissions Counselors do not necessarily fully understand the work that prepares the student to apply. With that said, I praise Unigo for a new and innovative way to help students and parents with the process.

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