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Just Hired A College Kid? Why Generation Y Gains by Hiring Generation X! | The Coaching Educator

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More than once or twice I have heard complaints about the kids that come home from college and how they don’t know how to communicate or do a good days work. However, if you look at the communication advances and methods in our society, a person can actually flip the complaint and suggest that the college kids of generation X can really say the same thing.

Let’s analyze this:

Generation Y, as defined by Strauss and Howe, the leaders in generation naming, suggest that we were born in 1961 just out of the “Baby Boomer” generation and we include every person born up to 1979, when most of us graduated from High School. We are approaching 50 and many of us did not have access to a computer until we entered into our mid 20’s. We love the idea of cell phones but damn it..we are having a tough time seeing text messages and we struggle with not typing all words correctly…missing the whole point of the “texting” concept. Hence we call our kids when we switch phones or go to buy one and need to understand the best buy. Or as my daughter had to help me turn the volume down

Now as good as I am with technology at the age I am, there is nothing so great as to have an X’er to speed up the lesson and get the job done. For example, starting my business… how smart was I to hire a young sophomore from High School to help me build and launch my site. How great was it to have Nicole tell me things like, “You need more pictures” or “Do YouTube videos”. And so I did!! Check it out. Raw but fun and taped by Nicole with her guidance.

Okay enough about me. My point is, for all of us business owners, think about the new marketing strategies that are at our finger tips and how easily the Xer can supply you with knowledge or for that matter learn more quickly the new methods your company is trying to engage in.

We Yers are a cautious bunch when it comes to computers, facebook, twitter, and social networking. Make a list of your needs whether you are a business owner or a manager and when interviewing “that Xer” ask them if they know how to get that list of needs met. You will see just how good a days work looks when you have an Xer working for you. Moving your company towards networking and technological advancement.

Hire them…don’t despair…and get a face lift for your company!!Rebecca M. Carroll, M.Ed., CPC-the coaching educator is the owner of Rural Educational services providing educational coaching, mediation, college planning online. Check out her free college planning webinars.

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