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Qu. from Angela in MT: What kind of projects should I be doing to help my children qualify for scholarships and grants?

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Dear Coaching Educator;

What kind of projects should I be doing to help my children qualify for scholarships and grants?

Dear Angela;

Great Question, especially if your children are young as it will allow you the time to mentor them and prepare them for projects that they can coordinate or be a part of at an older age.

Parents can work with their child incorporating community service when they are little by making food together for your local food shelter or by going through clothes and donating them. Another great way to mentor you children is to help an elderly person in your neighborhood either by cleaning up the yard or visiting the person on a regular basis. Many agencies are looking for help however due to liability issues, request that your teen be a certain age or you will have to accompany them. Calling ahead and asking the agency if there is an age limit for their volunteers is a great way to connect.

If your children are entering High School. I always suggest that you help your child pick a community service project that has meaning to them. It is also very helpful to pick one that can be ongoing and thematic. Colleges and groups that give scholarships really like to see that kind of commitment. Colleges also are interested in students that have proven themselves in their own communities.

If you mentor your children at a young age, community involvement will come naturally and that will help them to engage within their college communities as well. A good number to work towards is 100 hours a year through high school. Have your children keep track of all hours in order to be able to easily fill out the scholarship forms as well as use it on a resume.

The Coaching Educator

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