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Question from Deb in NH about transferring credits. | The Coaching Educator

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Dear Rebecca;

My son has transferred from one accredited college to another after completing 2 years. In the process the new school changed their credits from 3 credits to 4 credits per each class. My son was told that he would need to take more classes because he was short credits due to their new credit system. Is there anything we can do about this?

Dear Deb;

One thing your son can do is review the hours spent in his former schools classes and see if they match the hours spent per semester in each class in the new schools schedule during the same year and semesters. I believe that he would be able to reflect that the hours of the schools will be matched and therefor your son may be able to present a case for awarding 4 credits and stay on track for graduation. First place to start would be admissions and inquire in that office. Admissions usually is the starting point for all transferring students. However if he has already started at the new school then the credit issue will be handled by another office. Take down the names of all the people and their titles that he speaks to.

Another way to approach this might be to go directly to the department head. Upon review of the transcript that you sent to me, I see that he is short credits in 4 classes due to their new 4 credit per class status. The department head has the authority to allow independent studies or he/she may suggest another 4 credit class that will count for the missing credits.

Most colleges are willing to work with students and keep them on track for graduation. Encourage him to follow up with the department head with a request for either an independent study that will cover the required credits or an offered class within the department.

I hope this answers your question. Please keep me posted on the outcome of the meeting with the department head.

Rebecca M. Carroll: The Coaching Educator

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