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SAT and ACT Studying a Summer Must | The Coaching Educator

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SAT and ACT Studying a Summer Must | The Coaching Educator

SAT and ACT scores for juniors who took the tests are available.  Too many students view their scores and are happy that the tests are over and don't revisit them in the summer.  My advice to you is unless you earned a perfect score then take a good look at them and start setting your summer schedule to study and improve them.

A simple way to improve your scores is to read a weekly paper.  Read it cover to cover and try to read the article quickly and think about what the author of the article is saying.  What are the main points of the article and if information is presented by the author and the authors assessment of the information provided. 

Reading a paper fully including articles that are not of interest will help you improve your speed in reading and speed in interpreting the article.  If at all possible have someone else also read the article and check in with them as well.  The more proficient you become at reading information in short articles the better you will be at reading the short essays that are presented in the SAT and ACT.

Reading and improving your vocabulary including recognizing words and their meaning quickly will improve your score.  When you are taking the test mark the book while reading.  The process of marking the main points and important information while you read is called active reading and it helps to really cement the ideas and concepts into your memory better.

Most students do not take the test online so it is important to read something on paper and get used to "not" scrolling.  Many students only pick up books during school time.  Pick up the written word during the summer in newspapers, magazines and books.  Practice, practice, practice your ability to detect the main points.

Improving your ability to read faster with understanding will help you improve in all areas of standardized tests.

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