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Leadership Opportunities for High School Students

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One of the best ways for high school students to distinguish themselves is by developing their leadership skills. Involvement in student clubs, activities, and athletics can all help juniors and seniors stand out from the crowd on college admissions applications. Many special scholarship opportunities are also available for students who take on leadership responsibilities.

Leadership positions indicate the student has taken on extra duties to further his or her personal growth and participation in these roles not only builds self-esteem but provides valuable experience. Here are some areas that provide leadership opportunities for high school students:

  • Athletic teams
  • Student government
  • Community service and volunteering opportunities
  • Employment – internships and part-time jobs
  • Academic teams – including organizations like math clubs, debate teams, writing clubs, and more
  • Peer advising and tutoring
  • Political organizations
  • Arts – drama club, band, choir, dance, and glee club
  • Summer leadership camps
  • Other leadership programs – National Honor Society, Global Leadership Adventures, the American Red Cross Leadership Program

It’s important for students to begin leadership programs early in their high school career, preferably by sophomore year. That way students have the chance to work their way up in a club or team so by their   junior and senior year they have the experience for a leadership role.

Students will get the most benefit when the leadership roles match their career or individual interests. For personalized recommendations of leadership opportunities, it’s important to contact a career counselor

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