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Ivy League School Admissions

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Ivy League School Admissions

It’s a well-known fact that many Ivy League schools are among the country’s top private universities. Ivy League schools not only boast top-level academics and award-winning faculty, they also have some of the most beautiful and historic campuses. Consequently, they are also among the most selective. Many of these institutions, including Harvard, Yale, and Princeton have acceptance rates only in the single digits.


New trends in admissions into Ivy League schools include early decision or early action programs. Through these programs, elite universities are accepting or rejecting students as early as freshman year of high school. For example, certain Ivy League schools sent out acceptance letters for the class of 2020 in December of 2015.

Early decision and early action programs are becoming standardized admission procedures for exclusive schools as competition remains fierce. Early decision programs are those that allow students to apply before senior year of high school. If they are accepted, however, the admission is binding. This means that the student is committed to attending the school. On the other hand, early action programs are not binding. The student is allowed to turn down the offer of admission if they decide later not to attend that particular school.

There are some risks to applying early to a school. If a student applies and is rejected for early admission, some schools do not allow him or her to reapply for regular admission. Plus, more and more elite universities are becoming increasingly selective for early admissions and are seeing their admission rates fall.

In general, Ivy League schools are looking for those who will be successful in college and beyond. In order to get an idea of other admission requirements for these schools and to get help with the admissions process, be sure to contact coaching educator, Rebecca M. Carroll now.

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