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  Financial Aid | The Coaching Educator

Decisions about which College to attend should not be made until students receive their “official” financial aid award. The financial aid office has the last say on what they disperse according to the FAFSA form. Many people believe that their is funding only for students with families struggling financially but this is not true.

Facts about Financial Aid:

    1. Financial Aid includes: Loans, Scholarships, and Financial Need Funds.
    2. The FAFSA is used by many colleges and universities to determine eligibility for their own institutional aid programs.
    3. You may qualify for additional aid at private schools with high costs of attendance.

Complete your FAFSA online at and provide the names of all colleges and universities that you have applied to. Wait for your official financial aid package and compare the costs.

You will receive many emails and letters encouraging you to make a decision to attend their college and reserve your housing. This is not the way to make an educated decision. Gather all the facts before making your decision because college is expensive and students have many options.

Students do not have to make a decision until May 1st about which college they will be attending and housing is available. The only difference is you may not get your 1st pick of housing. In the long run housing picks are not that important because many students change their housing based on the friends that they make during their first year at school.

The goal of picking your college should include your “official financial aid package.” Be smart and have patience to wait for the true costs before you attend.

Admissions will provide an estimated amount however they do not have the authority to give you an “official” cost of your attendance.

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