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  Taking your SAT/ACT again. | The Coaching Educator
Should you take the SAT/ACT again? Here are a few questions to ask.
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  The Essay | The Coaching Educator
College admissions essays are not easy because you have to write about yourself. Colleges need you to do exactly that.
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Senior Year….Ready, Set, Go…

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Senior Year….Ready, Set, Go…
The best approach for dealing with Senior year starts with a calendar. Get one fast and break down the tasks that need to be accomplished.
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Financial Aid Package isn't what you expected? | The Coaching Educator
Many financial aid packages do not cover the full cost of college. Most cover only a small portion. What can you do?
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  Internships start with community service. Time to get onto it. | The Coaching Educator
Community service is a great way to pave the path for employment. High School and College students should do community service for networking.
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What students need to know and parents need to tell..... | The Coaching Educator
Many of the strategies for paying for college 20 years ago do not work today. Colleges have increased 115% in costs according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Price Index. What can you do as a parent?
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The Art of Community Service.... | The Coaching EducatorThe Coaching Educator
Community Service is such an important part of developing yourself as a student. It helps train students for real work positions and it helps form a person fully.
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We want students to be educated and make sound decisions however many institutions create a false sense of panic with the goal of getting that non-refundable deposit.
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Eric Hoover from The Chronicle of Higher Education writes about the new online counseling/advising that Unigo has developed. This is a highly controversial subject because many school counselors fear being replaced however, I believe that the more tools we provide for students the better. One of the dilemmas that I faced working for a Public School as a school counselor was the time constraints and the sheer numbers of students I served. Many students and parents did not hav...
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There are a lot of chores to take care of as a student. While I know most want to lay around and get stuffed, that is the turkey’s job.
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