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Admissions and Application Assistance

Do you dream about your children going to college and wonder how other parents are doing it? The secret is being strategic. We are experts and we transform the college process. Stop the guesswork. Receive professional collegiate assistance from The Coaching Educator.

Getting the most out of your college experience is extremely important.

Most students enter college with a four-year plan, but changing or adding majors, retaking classes or taking time off for personal reasons can quickly extend that plan to five or even six years. This is costly for the student and the family. This means you are paying for more tuition and fees.

The Coaching Educator helps make sure your student makes wise choices and stays on track for graduation.

We work one-on-one by first helping the student apply with the strongest transcript, scores and leadership experience. Our high school students are strategically led on the basis of their goals and identified career interests. We work hard to make your high school and college experience a win-win situation. Our students are focused and feel confident in their journey.

Take the guesswork out of the college process. Start now and transform your experience.

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