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    Rebecca Carroll is very available whenever I need to contact her. She helps me with collage planning by breaking down the entire process of an efficient collage education into clear-cut and easy-to-follow steps. She has encouraged me every step of the way with realistic possibilities and humors my ever-changing majors by telling me exactly what I need to succeed. She has also saved me financially by introducing me to certain scholarship and financial aid opportunities.

    Colleen G.11/4/14
  • My husband and I are are extremely grateful for having had the wonderful opportunity of meeting Rebecca Carroll in Idaho! We are so fortunate in the fact that she was able to help our High School son achieve his goals and far surpass his best expectations for college. He is now a freshman at Gonzaga University and is doing so well due to all the help in raising his grades tremendously in Junior and senior year! Without Rebecca's knowledge in every aspect of the steps so necessary to attaining the best outcome financially and in academics our son would not have had a chance. we would have not been able to do any the amazing research she does and all of the years of professional coaching experience she gives to each and every one she helps! Rebecca is an A+ Educator who truly sees the great potential of every student. She is always ready to guide,to motivate and to help families attain their dreams! Thank you Coaching Educator!!!

    Georgina D.1/8/15
  • Ever since I started working with Rebecca Carroll, I've been absolutely amazed at not only the staggering amount of tips, tricks, and insider knowledge regarding the complex college system, but also her invaluable advice in my personal life. She's gotten me into the college I wanted, with minimum expenditure and maximum helpful information. Last month, Rebecca helped me build a resume and gave me some helpful tips on presenting myself at a job interview. Today, when I brought in my application, the manager and assistant manager dismissed the two applicants ahead of me, gave me a short interview, and hired me on the spot, since, as per Rebecca's instructions, I arrived in a suit. The assistant manager confided in me that "Your resume was so professional and gave us such a clear image of you as a person that we knew we wanted you". Thanks to Rebecca's advice, I achieved a very high-paying summer job with only a small expenditure of effort. I can't include all the other benefits I've received from Rebecca over the last two years in this interview. I hope it is enough to say that she is dedicated, wise, and gets results. I heartily recommend her services.

    Joe Latham4/30/15


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