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Get these questions and more answered during your consultation:

  • Where can I find scholarships?
  • Do family finances affect my scholarship chances?
  • When do I need to start looking?
  • If I am not in the top 10% of my class, can I get a scholarship?
  • If I have excellent grades, will I qualify for a scholarship easily?
  • Are scholarships available only to entering college freshmen?
  • How do I get a military scholarship?

The Coaching Educator guides you through the college scholarship process and eliminates all the guesswork from scholarship qualifications and applications. With The Coaching Educator, you will be confident that your collegiate, military, or technical education is headed in the right direction.

“”We can offer her student loans only.” This was the sad news I received from the financial aid office at EWU. When I shared this with Rebecca, she said, “With her academic record, I don’t think so!” Over the next few days, Rebecca did what she is so incredibly good at. She discovered that EWU had yet to award their highest scholarship. Rebecca quickly walked us through the required paperwork and within two weeks we were notified that our daughter had been selected for a full ride scholarship. Rebecca has repeatedly shown that she excels at her job of preparing students for interviews and aiding in scholarship applications. A thousand thank you’s!

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