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Meet the Presenters:

Rebecca M Carroll

Rebecca M. Carroll

Founder of The Coaching Educator

Rebecca is passionate about helping families succeed. She holds a master’s degree in education and certificates in life coaching, career services, and professional mediation. Rebecca has completed her Global Career Development Facilitator. She has taught at several colleges and worked in the public and private educational sectors, and is a Higher Education Coaching Association member. Rebecca’s research is in mentoring at-risk college students, and her experience extends to financial aid and scholarships. She resides in the Northwest and has two adult children, a daughter practicing veterinary medicine and a son on who is in the criminal justice field and is a member of the US Navy Reserves. 

Paul Culp

Project Manager & Senior Editor

Paul Culp is a certified career services provider and global career development facilitator with master’s degrees from Oxford University and Jacksonville State University and a BA summa cum laude from Samford University. He has taught a wide variety of humanities and social sciences courses at all levels from university down to sixth grade, in curriculum models ranging from International Baccalaureate and Great Books to remedial. A former public relations executive, corporate ghostwriter, news editor, and broadcaster, Paul is also a licensed fitness trainer whose sports background includes track, cross country, fencing, and Formula Dodge. He lives on the East Coast with his wife, a former newspaper reporter and editor.

Coming soon...

  • Understanding the Path to College Athletics
  • Understanding the Path to the Performing Arts
  • Understanding International College Applications

The Coaching Educator team provides educational outreach including high school success guidance, college success coaching, and employment coaching services. We collaborate with schools and colleges as well as community agencies to provide services that ensure college/career success. Our team of credentialed educators, coaches, and mediators provides effective support for transitioning students and adults along with their families, whether in the school or in the workforce. We love working with military families!

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