Find out your Estimated Family Contribution


Find out how your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) affects your student's financial aid.

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Want to know how much financial aid
your student is eligible for?   

If you want to receive FREE MONEY for college, the first step is a calculation called the EFC (Expected Family Contribution). Our free online software uses the same algorithm the federal government uses to determine the amount your family will be expected to pay before receiving financial aid.  

If your EFC exceeds a school’s cost-of-attendance, your student will NOT receive need-based financial aid.

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If you aren’t eligible for financial aid, you will need to pay for all college expenses yourself. 

Need to find FREE COLLEGE MONEY if you don’t qualify for financial aid?  Not sure how to make your student’s college path affordable?  Overwhelmed by the process? We have answers!

“Rebecca at The Coaching Educator is a savior! She helped counsel me through my student loan debt and repayment plans. She took a great deal of time to help me find the best plan for my individual needs. To me, it’s such a complicated process. And there are so many different programs out there. Rebecca helped me find the program that best fits me! Thank you!”