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Apply smart & get into the right program

Thinking about graduate school?  The secret is being strategic and following the money.  Most graduate programs have a funding source; we can help you find them. 

If you need help with graduate school admissions, look no further.

  • We help you identify college and university programs.
  • We focus on what graduate programs have strong research opportunities.
  • We guide you with writing a winning personal statement?
  • We help you with timelines for testing and applications.
  • We help you focus on programs that are looking for you!

Many programs do not require a specific undergraduate degree.  Masters degrees are often the key to higher salaries, but will a graduate program benefit your specific career path?  Book a free consultation and find out how we can help you.  

Is it time for you to get a salary increase? Some jobs automatically provide salary increases to employees with masters degrees.  According to a study conducted by Ascensure and funded by Lumina Foundations, 60% of employers provide tuition assistance.  Learn more.

There are many ways to get through graduate school.  We want to help you find the right way.

Take the guesswork out of the application process. Start now and transform your experience.

“Rebecca Carroll is a dedicated professional delivering high quality and timely educational guidance. Through her help, I was granted admission into the Graduate School of Business of my choosing. As a five year veteran looking to move up in my education, this experience has been of the utmost importance to me and I am grateful for Rebecca’s help every step of the way. I will continue to seek Rebecca’s guidance and use the resources I have gained from The Coaching Educator to advance my scholastic and professional career. I strongly recommend The Coaching Educator for help in all academic pursuits.”

Graduate Student
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