Military Admissions

Forge your career path and get recruited

The Military Services including active duty, ROTC, Reserve programs and the Service Academies are programs that provide a career path and valuable educational opportunities.

The Coaching Educator team is patriotic and loves our freedom. We strongly support students preparing for military careers.

We work with all branches and help students be fully prepared and informed of all the opportunities available.

We also provide ASVAB assessments and practice tests that help improve your chances of scoring higher and getting into the career field that you desire.

We thank our military veterans and active duty military by offering a 10% discount on all programs.

“Back in 8th grade I expressed to my parents that I had a keen interest in attending a federal service academy and eventually pursuing a career in public service. Realizing that I would need to meet certain requirements to be competitive, my parents enlisted the help of Rebecca Carroll. With the clear, reassuring guidance of Ms. Carroll, I was able to successfully navigate a challenging four years of high school filled with sports, academics, standardized tests, leadership responsibilities, and lengthy college applications. In the end, I received multiple congressional nominations and my top choice, the United States Merchant Marine Academy, offered me an appointment to their institution.
Over the past two and a half years at USMMA, I have spent almost a year at sea, traveled to seven countries, endured demanding academics, and held numerous leadership positions. I can say with confidence that Ms. Carroll holds much of the responsibility for getting me to this point. From the very start, she was honest and forthright about what it would take to reach my goals, and she had the patience to see the process through to the end. Though I owe what success I have enjoyed so far to numerous people, from my saintly parents to my fantastic teachers, Ms. Carroll was able to effectively guide my efforts during those turbulent four years of high school to reach acceptance at USMMA. Through my time working with her, Ms. Carroll not only guided me on the complex application processes, but she also helped hone my academic skills and instructed me on professional etiquette in ways that I still use to this day.  I am deeply grateful for all the encouragement and direction that Ms. Carroll gave me, and I look forward to seeing where the path she started me down will lead after graduation from USMMA in 2020. If you are searching for honest, realistic advice and guidance in academic or professional advancement, I would highly recommend Ms. Carroll.