The Coaching Educator


The Coaching Educator helps students get into and succeed at the right school.
Our clients have the distinct advantage of a focused plan with defined objectives. We love helping families by taking the guesswork out of the entire process from start to finish.

Our History

The Coaching Educator was founded to help families successfully navigate career and college paths for their children. We are in our tenth year of providing a unique one-stop-shopping approach to admissions and financial aid, and are immensely proud of the lives we have impacted.

Our Philosophy

The jobs market changed drastically after the 2008 recession, making a college education an increasingly necessary part of success. We’re not vague about our claims. If you look at our Facebook page, you’ll see that we post specific figures about the money we’ve saved for particular families!

Online Option

Pressed for time? We are proud to offer all of our services online for your convenience. Our face-to-face video chat allows us to meet with your student one-on-one without adding another drive to your busy schedule.​

What We Offer

Choose from academic packages for each year of high school as well as specialized packages for athletes, college students, and students pursuing a special talent.​ We offer referral, early payment, and military discounts.


Rebecca M. Carroll

Founder of The Coaching Educator. Rebecca is passionate about helping families succeed. She holds a Masters in Education and certificates in Life Coaching and Professional Mediation. She has taught at several colleges, worked in the public and private educational sectors, and is a Higher Education Coaching Association member. Rebecca's research is in Mentoring At-Risk College Students and her experience extends to financial aid and scholarships. She resides in the Northwest and has two adult children, a daughter practicing veterinary medicine and a son on his third deployment for the US Navy.

Leigh Delano

Media & Service Manager. Leigh is a graduate from Franciscan University of Steubenville. She is a National Merit Scholar, theatre music director, and accomplished pianist experienced in auditioning and performing. Her experience includes UCLA's Classical Music Summer Institute, Centre d'Art Orford Academy in Quebec, Boston Tanglewood Institute, Artists of Tomorrow, and various regional competitions. She has spent the last several years creating youth & young adult programs and music-directing regional theatre productions. She currently lives on the East Coast with her husband Wyn, an actor, singer, and voiceover artist.

Paul Culp

Team Member. Paul Culp holds masters degrees from Oxford University and Jacksonville State University, with a BA summa cum laude from Samford University. He has taught academic writing and research methods at university level and a variety of humanities and social sciences subjects in grades six through twelve, in curriculum models ranging from International Baccalaureate and Great Books to remedial. A former public relations executive with an extensive broadcasting background, he has also worked as a news editor and magazine feature writer. Paul is a licensed fitness trainer whose sports background includes track, cross country, fencing, and Formula Dodge. He lives in the Southwest with his wife, a former newspaper reporter and editor.

“Rebecca has worked with my husband and I on and off for two years. She helped us in the life coaching department with help in writing up resumes for some job transitions we were looking into. Most recently, she assisted my husband in getting a scholarship for the local workforce training center to start firefighting. She also went to bat for me with the local community college financial aid office! I’m now going back to school in January with a full Pell Grant when they originally denied me any aid at all. Thank you!”

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