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Give your dreams the foundation they need.

Can I really make a living in the arts?

If you are strategic, talented, and dedicated, the answer is YES!   Realizing your artistic dreams is a challenging process; having the right guidance can be the difference between making and breaking a career in the arts.   On top of getting into and succeeding at the right arts program you will need to plan strategically for supporting yourself after college.

Keys for Supporting Yourself After College

  • Be realist and willing to travel
  • Networking: connections are key to getting you jobs and gigs
  • Know the different levels of involvement: community level, teaching, group performing, solo work
  • Have a PLAN for a flexible secondary job
  • Develop the skills necessary to plan your time and budget smartly

Take the guesswork out of the college process. Start now and transform your experience.

ULTIMATE Talent Program

Give your dreams the foundation they need.

This program consists of comprehensive fine arts application guidance and a student website highlighting the student’s talent. Also included are college and audition lists cultivated specifically for the student, guidance for communicating with schools, fine arts resume development, and thorough audition/interview preparation. Seven private voice lessons/monologue prep/audition song prep sessions are included.

This program will be discounted $500 if added to the academic Ultimate Junior/Senior program. We will also include website updates for subsequent years. This is a yearly $500 discount for website updates on top of the $500 discount for bundling: the discounts are $1,000 in total for bundling.

Purchase now, and you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing you’re on track.

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Maggie Geha
Actress & Model

"Poison Ivy" on Fox TV's show Gotham.
Maggie was one of the first TCE students who inspired the development of this business. We can say "we knew her when!"

“Rebecca was an invaluable source of guidance and encouragement for me when I was fresh out of high school, wanted to go to college, but was totally overwhelmed with the process. She took me under her wing and helped me every step of the way, from applications to financial aid. She’s smart, has a great motivating energy, and is funny too! Love her! Can’t recommend her enough.”

Maggie Geha
Actress/Model, Former TCE Student

“Maggie it has been very enjoyable to watch you finish college with a bang, start a modeling career, and watch you in your movies and tv series parts. You are an inspiration to hard work, smart working, and never giving up! I look forward to seeing you more on the big screen.”

Rebecca M. Carroll
Founder of The Coaching Educator


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The Coaching Educator team provides educational outreach including high school success guidance, college success coaching, and employment coaching services. We collaborate with schools and colleges as well as community agencies to provide services that ensure college/career success. Our team of credentialed educators, coaches, and mediators provides effective support for transitioning students and adults along with their families, whether in the school or in the workforce. We love working with military families!

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