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“Rebecca was an invaluable source of guidance and encouragement for me when I was fresh out of high school, wanted to go to college, but was totally overwhelmed with the process. She took me under her wing and helped me every step of the way, from applications to financial aid. She’s smart, has a great motivating energy, and is funny too! Love her! Can’t recommend her enough.”

Maggie Geha
Actress/Model, Former TCE Student

“Rebecca has worked with my husband and I on and off for two years. She helped us in the life coaching department with help in writing up resumes for some job transitions we were looking into. Most recently, she assisted my husband in getting a scholarship for the local workforce training center to start firefighting. She also went to bat for me with the local community college financial aid office! I’m now going back to school in January with a full Pell Grant when they originally denied me any aid at all. Thank you!”


“We hired Rebecca Carroll to take care of a problem we had at EWU. Our son, Dan, was set to graduate in June with a degree in Biology – pre med/pre dent and a minor in Anthropology. He was short one class that EWU only teaches one quarter a year (probably due to budget cutbacks). They actually told him he couldn’t graduate until he came back to take the class next winter quarter! This was a huge problem because Dan was offered an incredible job in a Chemistry Lab in the oilfield business. We hired Rebecca to take care of the situation thinking it would be more professional for her to handle the problem rather than mommy and daddy storming into the office of the President. We initially thought that we would try to get the school to waive the class because Dan had lots of extra credits. It soon became clear that EWU was not going to do that and Rebecca thought of a solution that we never would have come up with. She told Dan to get an interdiciplinary degree in Science. Dan met with the Interdiciplinary department and now he is getting an even better degree. He will have a Bachelors of Science in Biology AND chemistry with a minor in anthropology AND microbiology. I would highly recommend meeting with Ms. Carroll if you have any kids in college. She is smart and she will be able to save you time and money.”


“As an international student from Russia who is being educated in the school in the United Kingdom, I knew that if I wanted to apply for a place in the American University, I’d have to do tremendous amounts of research and stay very focused on the task. Rebecca Carroll didn’t just help me throughout my application, she did it and keeps doing it with utmost care, professionalism and passion, which is incredibly admirable. This woman gives me confidence to make the next step, and never stops believing in me, even when some members of my family seem to demoralize me. I want to thank her for everything we’ve accomplished so far, and I’m so looking forward to our work in the future. I have strong aspirations, and I know others do to – Rebecca Carroll will help you to achieve them.”

International Student

“Dear Rebecca and Leigh, I wanted to tell you how grateful I am for your support to Sasha and all your hard work with her applications and tests. You also shared with Sasha your confidence that she can do it which helped her a lot. Thank you so much for these tremendous results. I know that best way to say thank you is a reference. And I’ll be happy to recommend you to my friends when they need it. Sincerely, Anna.”

Parent of International Student

Rebecca was very instrumental in my success as a member of the military, as a student, and as a father. I first encountered Rebecca when she was an Adjunct Professor at Park University. This was at the very early stages of my career in Social Work. When I encountered hardship and divorce during my military career she easily changed from teacher to counselor. I later hired her as a coach to help me decide my career path after I retired from the Air Force. I highly recommend the coaching educator with any of your goals pre and post graduation.”

Career/Graduate Client

“I attended two of Rebecca’s classes about College Scholarships and Athletic Scholarships through Community Education. I found them to be so helpful, I asked if she might do another free class for a group of parents that I know. It was easy to organize, I just asked Rebecca for a date and time and told my friends about it and they ALL came to the Library @ Bown for the class. I highly recommend her classes and her assistance with helping students to go to and be able to afford college. Look on her website to find out when her next class is or contact her and I bet she will set up a class for you and anyone else interested.”


“I have been working with Rebecca Carroll since I was a freshman in high school, now I am a freshman in college at Boise State University. I started working with Rebecca because I knew that I wanted to go to college and get my degree after high school but I had no idea where to start and how to prepare for that. She has helped me tremendously from getting met ready for my PSAT, SAT, and ACT, as well as filling out applications for college, making my resume, to helping me get through homeschooling while doing dual enrollment at North Idaho College. This past year she helped me get into Boise State University and get a scholarship with the Boise State ROTC program through the National Guard. Rebecca is a college planner who really cares about her students and works hard on helping them get through high school and prepare for college; once in college she helps them succeed as best they can. She doesn’t just care about the students as a student but also as a person. A few weeks ago she drove me to the hospital so that I could have surgery to have my appendix taken out. She has always gone above and beyond when it comes to helping her students. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who plans on going to college and has no idea where to start like I did.”


“Miss Rebecca is amazing! She helped me achieve my goal of getting into EWU’s Running Start program by getting me the help I needed for the subjects that I was struggling with. I finished off this school year with almost all A’s, and even surpassed EWU’s expectation of a 3.3 GPA, allowing me to be accepted! It has been a great experience with her so far, and I can’t wait to see where her guidance takes me in the next two years. Thank you, Miss Rebecca!”


“Rebecca Carroll is a dedicated professional delivering high quality and timely educational guidance. Through her help, I was granted admission into the Graduate School of Business of my choosing. As a five year veteran looking to move up in my education, this experience has been of the utmost importance to me and I am grateful for Rebecca’s help every step of the way. I will continue to seek Rebecca’s guidance and use the resources I have gained from The Coaching Educator to advance my scholastic and professional career. I strongly recommend The Coaching Educator for help in all academic pursuits.”


“I am going on my second year at Boise State University and I can truthfully say that I would not be here without the help of Rebecca Carroll. I first started working with her in my junior year of high school and I had never really considered college as a possibility then. She helped get me through the ACT and SAT and helped me figure out a plan to get to the place I wanted to be. Every child is different and Rebecca always finds the best path for each individual. I will forever be grateful for what she has done for me.”


Hands down the best money we have spent. Our son needed some help increasing his SAT scores and Rebecca’s program was a life saver. After a few months of working with her, he increased his score by 140 points! He is now on track for some full ride scholarships. Both Rebecca and Paul are remarkable. We are so very happy with your coaching and can’t wait to see what you will help with senior year.”


“”We can offer her student loans only.” This was the sad news I received from the financial aid office at EWU. When I shared this with Rebecca, she said, “With her academic record, I don’t think so!” Over the next few days, Rebecca did what she is so incredibly good at. She discovered that EWU had yet to award their highest scholarship. Rebecca quickly walked us through the required paperwork and within two weeks we were notified that our daughter had been selected for a full ride scholarship. Rebecca has repeatedly shown that she excels at her job of preparing students for interviews and aiding in scholarship applications. A thousand thank you’s!


“I’m an international student, and working with Rebecca and Leigh was incredible.The Coaching Educator team is such a valuable source that I cannot stress enough how helpful they were in helping me figure out what the next steps towards college should be, like getting higher scores on SAT and ACT, or even practicing daily for the TOEFL test (which later would make a great impact in getting scholarships). Rebecca Carroll is not only a great professional, but also a very protective person towards her clients, always seeking the best for them. Although I handled the language factor pretty well, there were other areas in my life that made me feel overwhelmed, but fortunately I had Rebecca to guide me through everything. Perhaps I was beyond lucky. She took me under her wing and guided me as if I were her child.”

scholarship senior computer science
International Student

“Back in 8th grade I expressed to my parents that I had a keen interest in attending a federal service academy and eventually pursuing a career in public service. Realizing that I would need to meet certain requirements to be competitive, my parents enlisted the help of Rebecca Carroll. With the clear, reassuring guidance of Ms. Carroll, I was able to successfully navigate a challenging four years of high school filled with sports, academics, standardized tests, leadership responsibilities, and lengthy college applications. In the end, I received multiple congressional nominations and my top choice, the United States Merchant Marine Academy, offered me an appointment to their institution.  Over the past two and a half years at USMMA, I have spent almost a year at sea, traveled to seven countries, endured demanding academics, and held numerous leadership positions. I can say with confidence that Ms. Carroll holds much of the responsibility for getting me to this point. From the very start, she was honest and forthright about what it would take to reach my goals, and she had the patience to see the process through to the end. Though I owe what success I have enjoyed so far to numerous people, from my saintly parents to my fantastic teachers, Ms. Carroll was able to effectively guide my efforts during those turbulent four years of high school to reach acceptance at USMMA. Through my time working with her, Ms. Carroll not only guided me on the complex application processes, but she also helped hone my academic skills and instructed me on professional etiquette in ways that I still use to this day.  I am deeply grateful for all the encouragement and direction that Ms. Carroll gave me, and I look forward to seeing where the path she started me down will lead after graduation from USMMA in 2020. If you are searching for honest, realistic advice and guidance in academic or professional advancement, I would highly recommend Ms. Carroll.


“My Experience working with The Coaching Educator Rebecca Carroll has been overall career changing. She has helped me find direction in my career choice and turned my dreams of going to college into a reality. We meet on a regular basis on Skype and she is always on time and in a positive mood and ready to help me get things done. She is so great to work with and I never get off Skype feeling stressed. She genuinely cares about my success and that is hard to find. She helps with a variety of things and has made my scholarship application process less of a stress. I highly recommend her to coach students of any situation and age. Thank you Rebecca!”

successful senior josie

“I met Rebecca back when I was a student in the military. When I got out of the military, she helped me process what I was feeling and worked with me to get into another University. She helped me in understanding my benefits under the GI Bill and what additional assistance I would need from financial aid. I reached out to Rebecca again when I was ready to apply for graduate school at Northwest Nazarene University. She helped me write my essay and coached me through the interview process. Thanks to her help, I am now approaching my second year in the social work graduate program.


“I first met Rebecca when I was at my worst. I was sick and college was starting to become overwhelming. Stress was kicking in and it was affecting me. She not only started right away with helping me with my disabilities with getting to class, she also took the stress and pressure off me and really helped me work with my teachers and Boise state to insure that my time there is as easy as it can be. I now have the privilege to intern for her. I would HIGHLY recommend her to any student or family needing some guidance. Whether it is before college or during it she is the perfect coach.


“Rebecca at The Coaching Educator is a savior! She helped counsel me through my student loan debt and repayment plans. She took a great deal of time to help me find the best plan for my individual needs. To me, it’s such a complicated process. And there are so many different programs out there. Rebecca helped me find the program that best fits me! Thank you!”


“Rebecca is an amazing consultant/counselor/life coach. I worked with her my junior year of high school through the start of college. I would not be graduating with an architecture bachelors degree a year early if it wasn’t for her help preparing. She taught me how to network, get involved, keep my life organized and ultimately set me up for success. Can’t thank her enough for everything she assisted me with.”


“I received the best education at Rocky Mountain College and could not of done it without Rebecca Carroll. At the beginning, she helped prep me for the transition and what to look for in college environments. Not only did she help through the beginning but the next 4 years of schooling and assisted me with the FAFSA. Now I can say I’m getting a bachelor degrees in Equine Business Management and Small Business Management with a minor in Economics this May. Thank you!”


“Rebecca Carroll is one of the best counselors. She is also a very nice person. She helped me with filling out applications. I cannot imagine how I would have done that without her. Moreover, she helped me to get prepared to ACT test. Rebecca assisted me with filling out the forms required after I was accepted. She is so awesome and answered all my questions and inspired my confidence. In addition, she helped me with all university documents. I really want to recommend Rebecca Carroll if you want to study at a great university.”

Gwan Ir
International Student
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