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4-Week Online Program

Become 100% confident in your ability to apply to college and earn scholarships. Learn expert tips, tricks, and strategies to help you maximize your application process.  Break through the fear and say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed!

Limited spots available.  This workshop takes place every month!

A new Athletic Recruitment Boot Camp is coming soon!

“I attended two of Rebecca’s classes about College Scholarships and Athletic Scholarships through Community Education. I found them to be so helpful, I asked if she might do another free class for a group of parents that I know. It was easy to organize, I just asked Rebecca for a date and time and told my friends about it and they ALL came to the Library @ Bown for the class. I highly recommend her classes and her assistance with helping students to go to and be able to afford college. Look on her website to find out when her next class is or contact her and I bet she will set up a class for you and anyone else interested.”

Melissa Frazier

In-Person Workshops:
Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only do workshops in the Boise area?

The TCE team can provide online webinars as well as workshops in your area if you are located within a certain driving distance. We are quite flexible and have given workshops in many different states. 

What is the cost of your workshops?

We give our in-person educational workshops for a small, affordable price. We believe that giving to our communities is very important! Our workshops are designed to help parents and students understand the college processes. 

Do you give handouts?

We let you take pictures of all the important slides, which goes along with TCE commitment to not wasting paper. Bring your phones and feel free to snap away.

Can you come as a guest speaker?

We believe in helping the community; our team members have been guest speakers for agencies on several occasions. We have also set up fundraisers for teams, charging a donation at the door that goes directly to the team or group.

We don't have a good space for workshops, do you have a building?

We can do workshops at your local library or another venue that has a community room. We have given workshops at banks, restaurants, hotels, libraries, school rooms, and private homes.

Do you go over your products during the presentations?

TCE has a strict policy of providing affordable educational workshops that do not include demonstrations of our products.

How long are the workshops?

Our workshops usually run an hour long plus half an hour for questions.

Should I bring my student?

We always spend time answering questions during our presentations. We don’t wait until the end; we let you ask as we are moving through because we want you to understand the information.

Do you give time for questions?

We always spend time answering questions during our presentations. We don’t wait until the end; we let you ask as we are moving through because we want you to understand the information.

How can I make arrangements for a workshop?

Email us at and we will get a workshop started!

Can we have a workshop for our church group?

Yes! The TCE team does private workshops with groups of 6 parents or more.

Do you need us to provide the technology?

We can do whatever is most convenient. We have a projector and we use laptops. We also can bring a USB drive to plug into any projectors your facility already has.


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