Students and parents are experiencing anxiety because things are suddenly all uncertain.  Faced with current multi-faceted challenges, you may not know what to do, or you had a plan but are now unsure if it is feasible. 


The Coaching Educator (TCE) understands this and can help.  The founder of TCE, Rebecca Carrol, has over 20 years of experience as school counselor, independent educational consultant, and life coach. Rebecca has helped many students and their families get what they wanted through good times and tough times. 


Rebecca and her team at TCE are uniquely positioned and ready to assist you. With TCEs collective knowledge, experience, and resources, we can give each of our clients personal attention.  We help you develop a strategy that fits you best, along with academic and financial plans.  


Freshmen and sophomores, it is never too early to start aligning your academic efforts and other activities, such as sports, music, and social services, with your college goals. Juniors, it is time to shift into high gear. And, seniors, it is not too late to make your college applications stronger. 


TCE offers an individual 30-minute free consultation. 

Do not let anxiety, confusion, or fears stop you from planning a successful future. 

Lets get started


The Coaching Educator offers all services online!  Currently we are running a camp for JUNIORS. This camp is to help them get started on their Common App Essays.

We are running several group camps (10 students per group). We will be running these in 4 sessions. Sessions will be 2 hours long. 

We will use a tool that will help you brainstorm your essays. Come up with a rough draft. Work towards a finished product and final editing of your essay.

Use your time at home to make real progress toward your college goals by joining Camp with our expert team – online! 

We invite you to be productive and get ahead! 

Only: $650.00 because we care about your student’s future!

Has your school been closed?

The Coaching Educator

The College App Boot Camp is part of our Neighbor Scholars 2-for-1 Program. When you enroll, we automatically donate one enrollment to a family in need.

College App Boot Camp

Online College Admissions Help in a Course

We provide four parts that include understanding how your school communicates with you, what colleges are looking for in students, how to get your estimated family contribution (EFC) and why you need to know it, and junior-year timeline.

  • Earn Scholarships: 100% of students served earned scholarships to their school of choice.
  • Great Return On Investment: Scholarships earned were 50x the amount of service cost.
  • Feel confident: Substantial increase in student confidence in their ability to succeed.
  • Time Management: Know when to start & which deadlines are the most crucial.

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We guide your student through EVERYTHING.

Here are just a few of the services:

Twelve - 60 minute online/in-person individualized student coaching per year. Full student calendar of time sensitive deadlines College lists/college data College organization tool - tracking appointments, deadlines, research, test scores Leadership/Community Service guidance Scholarship guidance Fafsa worksheet EFC calculation ACT/SAT online course with cram sheets Parent followup and communication

Scholarships for college

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Know where you really stand.
Develop your strategies!
Meet with our expert in person or online.
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Who is The Coaching Educator?

The Coaching Educator was founded to help families successfully navigate career and college paths for their children. We are in our tenth year of providing a unique one-stop-shopping approach to admissions and financial aid, and are immensely proud of the lives we have impacted.

TCE team members are all certified Global Career Development Facilitators.  Our training strategies have been used by thousands of students and families just like you.  Our methods have been used by hundreds of students: athletes, performing arts students, home-schooled students, international students, private school students, and public school students.

OVERWHELMED by the College Process?

These students were too...

We're here to help.

The Coaching Educator helps students get into and succeed at the right school.  From application to graduation. We have several plans that fit the needs of our students! Not sure about which plan? Get a free consult and find your best option!


Hands down the best money we have spent. Our son needed some help increasing his SAT scores and Rebecca’s program was a life saver. After a few months of working with her, he increased his score by 140 points! He is now on track for some full ride scholarships. Both Rebecca and Paul are remarkable. We are so very happy with your coaching and can’t wait to see what you will help with senior year.”


“My Experience working with The Coaching Educator Rebecca Carroll has been overall career changing. She has helped me find direction in my career choice and turned my dreams of going to college into a reality. We meet on a regular basis on Skype and she is always on time and in a positive mood and ready to help me get things done. She is so great to work with and I never get off Skype feeling stressed. She genuinely cares about my success and that is hard to find. She helps with a variety of things and has made my scholarship application process less of a stress. I highly recommend her to coach students of any situation and age. Thank you Rebecca!”

successful senior josie

“Dear Rebecca and Leigh, I wanted to tell you how grateful I am for your support to Sasha and all your hard work with her applications and tests. You also shared with Sasha your confidence that she can do it which helped her a lot. Thank you so much for these tremendous results. I know that best way to say thank you is a reference. And I’ll be happy to recommend you to my friends when they need it. Sincerely, Anna.”

Parent of an International Student

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Help a student in need while providing for your own.

Parents who seek our guidance want the best opportunities for their students. We often come across parents who desperately want those same opportunities for their children but are unable to afford them.

Through our Neighbor Scholars Program, you can get expert help for your student's college path while also helping a family in need receive college prep guidance.