By Paul Culp, MA (Oxon.), CFT, GCDF, CCSP

The Coaching Educator doesn’t treat any of our Ten Commandments for College Success as any more important than the others, except insofar as the First Commandment is foundational to most of the others. However, we learned (not really to our surprise) in researching another article that the problem addressed by this, our Fourth Commandment, is not merely common but epidemic among college students. It can, and does, ruin everything. Hence…

The Fourth Commandment for College Success: 

Thou shalt not procrastinate.

This admonition can relate to the previous commandment about not taking on too many pastimes and pursuits, but in fact outright procrastination tends to occur when there really isn’t much happening, though social activities are a common manifestation of it. The wise selection of a field of study can be helpful in this arena—we are less likely to procrastinate if the task we face is one for which we have some aptitude and in which we take an interest—but in almost any field of endeavor there are times when we must heave a deep groan of the spirit and simply get down to some unwelcome business.

Procrastination tends to compromise performance by causing work to be done hastily and sloppily once time is short and the task is no longer avoidable. Perhaps more importantly, it creates an underlying uneasiness and sense of dread that undermine the enjoyment of life and the performance of other tasks. Procrastination is a cancer that metastasizes to the entire scholastic organism.

For more information about how widespread the disease is among college students, and for further pointers about the cure, be sure to read our article on Procrastination Among College Students.

Whatever you’re dreading, go ahead and get it over with. You’ll do better work, and you’ll derive much more enjoyment from life.

That’s your Fourth Commandment for College Success. Be sure to read the first three, and stay with us for the remainder.

Getting into the college of your choice and finding the wherewithal to pay for it is wonderful. That’s what The Coaching Educator is here to help you do. But that’s not the only reason we’re here. We also try to be expert in all things related to college success, and to pass that knowledge on to our student/clients and our readers. The quest for college success begins with the college search process and continues until you take your diploma and shake hands with the president.

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Paul Culp is certified as a global career development facilitator and writes about college admissions, college costs, financial aid, and college life in general for The Coaching Educator team. A former journalist and corporate ghostwriter who now operates Shenandoah Proofreading, Editing & Composition Services (SPECS), he has also been a humanities teacher at all levels from university down to sixth grade. Paul has degrees from Oxford University, Jacksonville State University, and Samford University, and also is certified as a fitness trainer.

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